Why Is door closer Necessary
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Why Is door closer Necessary

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A door closer is a device that is often overlooked, yet it plays an essential role in maintaining safety and security in various buildings. It is a mechanical device that is installed on doors to ensure they close automatically after being opened. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a door closer, the types available, and how to use it effectively.

  • What is the function of door closer?

  • What are the types of door closer?

  • How to use door closer?

What is the function of door closer?

1. The primary function of a door closer is to ensure that a door closes automatically after being opened. This feature is crucial in various buildings, such as hospitals, schools, and commercial spaces, where security and safety are paramount. A door closer ensures that a door is securely shut, thereby preventing unauthorized access and ensuring that people and property are protected.

2. Additionally, automatic door closers also have a role in controlling the flow of traffic. In busy areas such as hospitals and schools, a door closer can help to regulate the number of people passing through a particular area at any given time. It also helps to reduce the amount of noise generated by the opening and closing of doors.

What are the types of door closer?

1. Overhead door closers - These are the most commonly used door closers. They are installed on the top of the door, and they use a hydraulic system to control the speed and force of the door when closing.

2. Concealed door closers - As the name suggests, these door closers are hidden within the door frame, making them virtually invisible. They are ideal for buildings where aesthetics are important.

3. Floor-spring door closers - These door closers are installed in the floor beneath the door. They are ideal for doors that are heavy and require extra support to close.

4. Surface-mounted door closers - These door closers are installed on the surface of the door and are ideal for lightweight doors.

How to use door closer?

1. Adjust the closing speed - Most door closers have an adjustable valve that allows you to control the speed at which the door closes. Adjusting the closing speed ensures that the door closes at a safe and consistent speed.

2. Adjust the latching speed - This feature controls the speed at which the door latches shut. Adjusting it ensures that the door is securely closed and prevents any unauthorized access.

3. Regular maintenance - Regular maintenance of a door closer is essential to ensure that it functions correctly. You should inspect it regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly and lubricate it as needed.

A hydraulic door closer is a vital component of any building's safety and security system. It ensures that doors are securely closed, preventing unauthorized access and regulating the flow of traffic. There are various types of door closers available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of door closers, the RuiLian Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. can provide you with the best.

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