How to Pick the Right door closer
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How to Pick the Right door closer

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When it comes to commercial building security and safety, installing the right auto door closer is essential. A door closer is a hardware that ensures that a door closes properly after use. It's a simple device that can be a lifesaver in a life and death situation. Choosing the right door closer is important to avoid unnecessary frustrations and ensure a secure and stable entrance.

  • What is the Purpose of door closer?

  • How Does door closer Work?

  • How to Pick the door closer That Meets Your Needs?

What is the Purpose of door closer?

A hydraulic door closer serves multiple purposes that promote security, safety, and privacy. Firstly, it provides the convenience of self-closing doors, which eliminates the need for someone to close the door behind them. Secondly, door closers maintain fire safety measures by keeping fire-rated doors closed on a daily basis. Thirdly, door closers provide privacy when installing soundproof doors. Fourthly, door closers improve energy efficiency by preventing air escape. Finally, door closers enhance security by ensuring that doors can't be left open.

How Does door closer Work?

hydraulic door closers operate using a spring mechanism that controls the door's closing speed and prevents the door from slamming shut. The mechanism consists of a hydraulic cylinder, an arm, and a door bracket. When a user opens a door, the hydraulic cylinder presses against the spring, which absorbs energy and provides resistance. The door arm is then triggered, pulling the door inward and held open. When the user leaves, the door arm releases, and the spring pushes the door back to its original position.

How to Pick the door closer That Meets Your Needs?

When choosing a door closer, it's essential to consider the door's weight and position, expected traffic flow, and environment. Here are some factors to consider that aid in the decision-making process.

1. Door Weight and Position - The size and weight of a door determine the type of door closer required. There are different door closer strengths for different applications. For example, a typical store swing door requires a power size three closer, while a heavier door may need a size six closer.

2. Traffic Flow - Areas with high traffic volumes require door closers with high performance standards. High traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, and commercial spaces require heavy-duty door closers.

3. Environmental Conditions - Harsh environments require door closers that can withstand extreme weather conditions. door closers should be resistant to rust, corrosion, and adverse weather conditions.

4. Security Requirements - If securing the premises is your priority, a closer with adjustable hydraulic control features can provide that extra level of security.

In conclusion, automatic door closers are an essential piece of hardware that serves multiple purposes, from safety to energy efficiency. Choosing the right concealed door closer requires careful consideration of the door's weight and position, expected traffic flow, environmental conditions, and security requirements. Picking the right door closer ensures that users can enter and exit a building with ease while promoting safety and security. If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of door closer, the RuiLian Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. can provide you with the best.

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