Why friction stay Necessary
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Why friction stay Necessary

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Why friction stay Necessary

Friction appears to be a hindrance to people's everyday life. It slows us down while walking, making it hard to pick up momentum again after coming to a stop. It makes our cars less fuel-efficient and causes wear and tear on machine parts. However, in certain situations, friction is absolutely necessary. One such instance is the use of friction stays. friction stay is a small but critical piece of hardware that is essential for windows and doors to open and close smoothly. In this article, we will explore the invention, operation, and the importance of window friction stay in our lives.

  • friction stay's invention

  • How does friction stay work?

  • Why do people need to use friction stay?

friction stay's invention

Though the exact inventor of friction stay is unknown, we know that it was designed primarily for casement windows in the 17th century. The friction stay was invented as a way to create a smooth and secure movement for casement windows without compromising on the ease of operation. The technology has come a long way since then, and today, friction stays are used in windows and doors, ensuring a secure and friction-free operation.

How does friction stay work?

window friction stay is a small joint that connects casement windows or doors to the frame. It allows a smooth and controlled movement while supporting the weight of the window or door. The stainless steel friction stay consists of two metal plates, which are connected by a series of rivets. These plates can rotate around the rivets which allow the window or door to open and close. The friction between these two plates created by small plastic components ensures that the window or door stays in place when opened to a particular degree.

Why do people need to use friction stay?

friction stays are incredibly useful for casement windows and doors, as they provide a secure and controllable opening, preventing them from banging shut in the wind, causing injury to people or damage to property. Moreover, stainless steel friction stays help to reduce the noise caused by slamming windows or doors, providing an altogether quieter environment. Additionally, the friction stay enables windows and doors to remain open even in windy conditions, making it ideal for areas prone to high winds.

In conclusion, friction stay might appear like a small and insignificant component of hardware, but it’s one that plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of doors and casement windows. It allows us to let in fresh air without worrying about the door or window slamming shut, preventing injury or damage. The controlled movement that friction stay offers not only helps keep the environment quieter but also makes sure that the mechanism stays intact for years to come. In short, the importance of friction stay cannot be overstated.If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of window locks, the RuiLian Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. can provide you with the best.

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